DIY Engagement activities for Alzheimer’s and Dementia family members

Memories are our most valuable possession these DIY engagement activities will help make today brighter and more meaningful by providing personalized engagement and redirection that increases social and cognitive interactions for your family member.

COPY ME ACTIVITY: A simple activity where 1 player creates a pattern the other copies it – good for targeting visual-perceptual/spatial skills.

COLOR MATCHING ACTIVITY: Identify and locate the colors and match them to the paint chips.

BUTTON SORTING CUPS: Promotes fine-motor and color recognition skills

FAMILY PHOTO MEMORY ACTIVITY – USING YOUR OWN PICTURES: Encouraging seniors to re-collect and share memories is stimulating mental activity, it promotes good social interaction and strengthens family bonds. Choose photos of family, close friends, pets and even favorite vacation spots.


Repetition of the twisting motion helps build focus and concentration skills and requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills


Family members with Alzheimer’s/dementia may not be able to stay focused very long. The key to doing engagement activities with them is to be flexible and creative. Activities should last 20-30 minutes, also look to engage them in activities that meet their mental, physical and social needs.

Because of the effects of Alzheimer’s some people will say “NO” to an activity, encourage them and capture their interest by talking about the activity and showing them the objects they will use. You could also start the activity on your own or ask for help.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia requires a person-centered approach that is specific to your loved ones needs. Whether at home or in a memory care facility, professional caregivers can provide your loved one with the on-going support they need and can act in a partnership capacity with the care facility and the family.

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