The Positive Effect of Nurture Therapy on Alzheimer’s / Dementia Patients.

The Positive Effect of Nurture Therapy on Alzheimer’s / Dementia Patients.

Anyone who has seen it happen knows that a doll has the power to soothe and comfort people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Nurture therapy has been called a self-administering therapy. While beneficial to some, it is not for everyone. More women than men will choose a doll to nurture, however some men do benefit greatly from holding a doll. Another option could be a stuffed animal such as a dog, cat or teddy bear.

If a person accepts a doll, he or she will benefit from nurturing the “baby”, this can be true whether the person thinks that the doll is a real baby or knows that it is only a doll. Engagement with the doll can promote well-being and reduce stress.

Benefits of doll therapy for Alzheimer’s

  • Reduces aggression and anxiety
  • Improves communication
  • Reduces wandering and agitated behavior

 According to NPR radio: Doll Therapy may help calm people with dementia.

Doll or Nurture therapy is being used in a growing number of care homes.

Rose Court Care Home in Manchester has a reminiscence room with a nursery and dolls – these are like cabbage patch dolls but they have weighted bottoms which make people want to pat them. The care home has found the dolls have had a very positive effect on residents improving their “emotional well-being”

Whatever people’s views on doll therapy, whether they see it as unethical or highly beneficial, it looks set to become more and more popular in care homes, as with dementia on the increase, alternative therapies such as doll therapy are certainly more attractive that pharmaceutical  interventions.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia requires a person-centered approach that is specific to your loved ones needs. Whether at home or in a memory care facility, professional caregivers can provide your loved one with the on-going support they need and can act in a partnership capacity with the care facility and the family.

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