Bird-Watching Helps Lift The Spirits of the Elderly

Bird-WatchingIt can be a real challenge for an elderly adult that is no longer mobile to fill their days with interesting and stimulating activities. 

Bird-watching can keep your mind active, keep you happy, and even help you exercise a little! Bird-watching can promote mindfulness — a sense of being in the moment which can lift our mood for the rest of the day.

Bird watching is an excellent stress-relieving hobby that’s open to anyone, regardless of your physical condition or nature know-how. Whether you’re watching from your kitchen window or hiking to the tallest cliffs, there are birds ready to be spotted.

How to Birdwatch for Indoors If You Have Mobility Issues

  • Find out what birds live in the area as well as what they eat along with the types of feeders they use. Different birds eat different foods, which is why you should prepare a place where the birds will want to feed.
  • Install or hang the bird feeders in the birdwatcher’s direct view. The birds should be easily seen when the person is seated in the chair. Use hooks and chains or mounted posts to adjust the heights of the bird feeders.
  • Add texture and color to the habitat by including a birdbath, small garden decorations, flowers, and attractive plants to create a great view for the birdwatcher to enjoy. Adjust these for various seasons to ensure maximum enjoyment.
  • Arrange the furniture such that the person has a clear view of the window. It might mean moving a recliner directly in front of the window or angling it slightly so that the person does not need to strain the eyes or neck.
  • Ensure that the observation window is clean. Streaks, dirt or view-obstructing window dressing, and thick screens can all take out some of the joy of bird watching.
  • Set up a birdwatching station next to the chair with a notebook, binoculars, and a small field guide to help the birdwatcher identify local birds. Ensure that the items are easy to reach from the recliner.              

             We can learn a lot from birds – such as this old saying…
            A wise old owl sat on an oak;
            The more he saw the less he spoke;
            The less he spoke the more he heard;
            Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?
            (Edward Hersey Richards) 

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