Human to Human Connection – We All Need It

From a warm handshake to sympathetic hug, we crave real human contact, which is necessary for human beings to thrive and has emotional and physical health benefits. Physiologically, not having a social support system is actually a source of chronic stress for our bodies, which raises risk of cardiovascular disease and other challenges to health and wellness.

Work commitments and caring for family can often mean that family caregivers may not be able to provide as much social interaction as a loved one requires. Social isolation may have a negative impact on daily living of many elderly. It may lead to lack of nutritious meals because of eating alone and resulting in weight loss and malnutrition. Medication management may also become a challenge.

Social Isolation and loneliness have a detrimental effect on health and quality of life resulting in worsening symptoms of chronic disease. Scheduled home care visits by a skilled caregiver can boost general well-being and improve the quality of life by helping your family member maintain a level of independence while still offering a level of care and support when needed.

In home care visits may include:

  • Meal preparation – company at the table while enjoying a nutritious meal.
  • Engage in games, reading aloud or favorite hobby
  • Accompany to community activities.
  • Assist with grocery shopping, errands and doctor appointments.
  • Light housekeeping and general supervision/safety.

Professional CNA/HHA caregivers are friendly and compassionate, giving your loved one the opportunity to do the activities they have always cherished.

If you or a loved one are in need of assistance with activities of daily living or help in monitoring other health concerns, CNAs and HHAs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all ages and levels of care. Granny NANNIES believes in treating clients with the highest level of respect and dignity and maintains the commitment to excellence that it was founded upon in 1990. For quality, trustworthy, reliable and affordable care, Granny NANNIES is there.

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