Inexpensive, easily accessible ways to enhance your life as you age.


  1. Sing your way to better health.

A new study out of Sweden reveals that singing my not only promote mental and emotional well-being, social connection and collaboration but good heart and lung health as well.  (The Benefits Of Singing)

Every time you sing, you fire up that right lobe of your brain and release endorphins including oxytocin, which results in heightened states of pleasure, bonding and love. These chemicals also enhance our brains and boost our immune system.

A 1998 study found that after nursing-home residents took part in a singing program for a month, there were significant decreases in both anxiety and depression levels. Neuroscience proves that group singing makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative.

So go ahead and SING…SING OUT LOUD

  1. A hobby can improve your physical and mental health

Hobbies provide a fulfilling, productive use of our free time and can give your health a boost and are believed to help fend off dementia.

A hobby can make you feel younger and happier as you age. There are so many opportunities whether you like to be indoors or outside to increase your quality of life during your golden years.

5 ways hobbies improve your health

By Laser Spine Institute – Health and Wellness/ January 20, 2014

Sometimes it’s easy to go home after work or a long day, plop on the couch, and turn on the TV. Finding a way to relax that keeps you active will help both your physical health and mental health. Participating in a hobby can is a great way to stay active and relax at the same time. When considering a hobby to partake in, make sure it is an activity that you enjoy and find relaxing. Check out these benefits to having a hobby you love:

  • Decreases stress. Regularly participating in a hobby such as gardening or sewing can actually lower your stress level. By actively pursuing a hobby, you are getting your mind off other stressors such as work. A hobby can be an escape for you mentally, and it can help you stay active.
  • Prevents memory loss. Hobbies such as reading, writing, crossword puzzles or playing games can help your mind stay sharp as a tack. A study by the New England Journal of Medicine showed that activities that stimulate the mind may help fight against memory loss. So go ahead, pick up that book you’ve been thinking about reading. Your brain will love the exercise.
  • Helps with arthritis. Those with arthritis tend to struggle with hobbies because of the pain and difficulty associated with certain tasks. Studies have shown, though, that participating in a hobby that requires physical exertion may actually help improve your arthritis symptoms. Having a hobby helps to keep you active and works to prevent your arthritis from worsening.
  • Fights depression. Staying active – especially because of a hobby – can help fight against depression. Pursuing an activity you enjoy helps give you a sense of accomplishment — especially when you complete a project. Having a hobby to occupy your time helps motivate your mind, making it so you don’t have time to feel down about yourself.
  • Keeps you social. Your hobbies also have the potential to be very social. If want to spend time with friends, consider inviting them over to participate in your hobby with you. It will be a great bonding experience for everyone involved.

Regardless of what hobby you choose, just make sure it’s something you enjoy spending time doing. Your hobby shouldn’t cause additional stress or strain on your life.


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