PORCHING is good for the heart and soul

Being cooped up indoors can be unpleasant – When you’re kept away from fresh air, green trees, and bright sunlight, it takes a toll on you and your body. Over long periods, you feel anxious, depressed, and lethargic. Your body’s various systems respond by increasing blood pressure, tensing up muscles, and producing stress hormones.

The good news is that these effects can quickly go away with exposure to a better environment. When stressed or unhappy, people often flock to nature for refuge. People are universally drawn to natural settings for the sense of calm and overall well-being they provide.

Nature impacts us both physically and mentally. When we go outside, we feel better right away.

Here are some emotional benefits from nature:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It distracts us from pain and hardships.
  • It provides a sense of calm from observing the slow and steady plant growth.

Here are some physical benefits from nature:

  • It reduces blood pressure and lowers heart rate.
  • It releases muscle tension and slows our breathing rate.
  • It allows us to recuperate and recovery our energy levels.

As you can see, the emotional and physical benefits are very much interrelated. What we feel impacts on how our body functions. Not only does nature restore our general mood and health, but it helps us perform better at work as well.

Having an elderly parent doesn’t mean all the family activities need to be indoors. Take everyone outside to enjoy all the benefits of nice weather and time spent with loved ones. You’re offering your elderly parents more than vitamin D when you encourage them to participate in outdoor activities – you are inviting them to make more memories with the family.

Here are some PORCHING activities: (PORCHING is the best of both worlds – being outdoors with the comfort of indoors)

  • Dine outside on the deck
  • Take that cup of coffee or tea out to the porch
  • Read or do Crosswords on the porch
  • Listen to nature
  • Put out bird feeders
  • Start a small container garden

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