Sleep Should Be Prescribed

Sleep scientist and author of “Why We Sleep” Matthew Walker suggests a lack of sleeping is having a catastrophic impact on our health and wellness, and is fast becoming one of our greatest public health challenges. Walker suggests more vehicle crashes in United States are caused by sleep-deprived drivers than those involving alcohol or drugs.

Sleeplessness has been shown to have a devastating effect on your health and well-being, contributing to chronic illness such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

The Healthline link below shows the effects of sleep deprivation on your body.

If stress is interfering with your ability to get a good night’s sleep a professional care provider can be the perfect helping hand and can give you the much needed break from your caregiving responsibilities so that you may get the rest you need to re-charge.

Care providers are available for night shifts or daily care to provide the respite you need while ensuring your loved ones comfort and safety.

According to family caregiver(s) who do not take time for their selves report:

  • sleep deprivation
  • poor eating habits
  • failure to exercise
  • failure to stay in bed when ill
  • postponement of or failure to make medical appointments for themselves

Help can come from community resources, family, friends and professionals. Ask them. Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed and exhausted or your health fails. Reaching out for help when you need it is a sign of personal strength. When your needs are taken care of, the person that you care for will benefit.

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