Do Activities Matter For A Person Who Is Bed Bound?

It can be easy to assume that when a person is no longer communicating with words or is spending much of their day in bed, the emphasis will be on keeping the person physically comfortable and activities become less relevant. However, a person in the advanced stages of an illness can still experience emotions such as loneliness, boredom, or frustration.

A person might no longer be able to move independently or hold a conversation. However, many bedridden people will respond positively to close one-to-one attention using the eyes to communicate or hands to touch and make a connection.

  1. Give full attention, when sitting with the person being as fully present as you can – It is all too easy to be distracted, and not to be focused fully on the ‘here and now’ relationship.
  2. Readout to the person, play music, or perhaps something that you can do in front of the person such as folding towels. Make sure you are in the eye line of the person if they are lying in bed or staring in a particular direction.
  3. Massage the person’s hand with scented lotion both the personal touch and smell can be a comforting stimulation.
  4. Stimulate the senses:
    • Sight – look at family pictures, bring in a variety of colored flowers
    • Hearing – open window and listen to the birds, play the music they once enjoyed
    • Smell – put on their favorite aftershave or perfume, scented candles
    • Touch – the most important sense of all, holding hands, stroking the face, giving a hug, helps the person to feel loved and cherished.

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