Helping Loved Ones with Special Needs


Approximately 54 million Americans have special needs. Special needs children are defined as children with identified disability, health or mental health conditions requiring early intervention, special education services or other specialized services and supports; or children without identified conditions, but requiring specialized services, supports or monitoring.

Oftentimes, these children require a little extra care, love and support. Providing those services and attention while managing the responsibilities they require is essential, but can be strenuous. Having a support system is crucial to any family or loved ones tending to someone with special needs. Granny NANNIES, a home health care service, offers private duty nurses who can help provide care and special needs care planning in the following ways:

Hygiene Care – Tending to yourself, a child with special needs and any additional children can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially on a daily basis.

The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs) at Granny NANNIES support patients with bathing and other hygiene practices. These services can include supervising and managing baths, dressing and grooming, among others, but above all, can be tailored to the specific needs of your child.

Childcare – The downtime of weekends is often welcomed with open arms, but for families with special needs members, they can be overwhelming. The same can be said for evenings — if neither parent nor child is getting any sleep, the resulting days can be challenging. While more options are available for after school care, your special needs child may do better at home. Being able to cater to that need is another area in which Granny NANNIES can help.

Granny NANNIES provides weekend, after-school and overnight care that can range from lending a helping hand while you’re cooking dinner in another part of the house to administering care during errands. They can also offer time for rest and rejuvenation from the demands of ongoing special care.

Post-Chemotherapy, Radiation – Patients can be affected by the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation treatments ranging anywhere from just a few days to several months after being discharged. Infections, skin irritations and internal bleeding are unfortunate problems that may arise as loved ones recover. These complications can be difficult for parents and families to address without the proper medical knowledge.

The special needs caregivers at Granny NANNIES are trained to provide services for these unique care requirements, recognize the warning signs as these issues develop and provide the proper treatment. They will ensure all medication and other recovery regimens are strictly followed, ensuring your special needs child can recover faster.

Anxiety and Depression – In the rush of caring for your loved ones, it’s easy to let the non-physical problems take a back seat. However, mental health has a large impact on recovery rates and can play a part in physical well-being as also.

Caregivers understand the intricacies of treating mental health threats and can help patients overcome them. By knowing the behaviors of those who are suffering, they can begin working through these issues before they begin.

Companionship – Helping your child make friends can prove difficult when they can be shunned or bullied by kids who don’t understand their needs. It becomes that much harder when social and communication deficits come into play.

Granny NANNIES’ caregivers are understanding and specialize in providing companionship, exercising patience and lifting spirits. They can also help sharpen social interaction skills and keep your loved one active throughout the day. We carefully screen our CNAs and HHAs for not only the essential legal requirements, but also the kindness and compassion needed to care for others. We work to find the most qualified people who will be the right caregivers for you.

More than 30% of parents spend over 40 hours per week watching and caring for their special needs child, the equivalent of a second full-time job. When caring for children with disabilities gets overwhelming, Granny NANNIES specializes in providing home care services. Since 1990, our services can be personalized to meet the requirements of individuals of any age and with any need. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we provide quality, trustworthy, reliable and affordable in-home care. For more information on how we can help you, call 800-316-2669.