Caring for Your Loved Ones Long Distance


If you were right across the street from your aging or sick loved one, cooking nutritious meals, helping adhere to medicine regimens or running errands would be all in a day’s work. But for those who are a car trip or plane ride away, personally providing the services your loved one needs isn’t feasible. Depend on Granny NANNIES to take care of your loved one in the following ways:

Being a city or state away (or across the country) can be difficult when your loved one needs help getting to and from the grocery store, doctor’s appointments or errands. The Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aids (HHAs) at Granny NANNIES are available to help your loved one with transportation services. Being able to prepare nutritious meals, attend appointments with health practitioners and get out and about are important to preserving both their physical and emotional health. Granny NANNIES caregivers also understand the importance of socialization. Social isolation is often provoked by an inability to get out of the house or make independent choices. Having someone at their disposal that can drive your loved one to social events or to visit nearby friends can tremendously improve their outlook and emotional well-being.

If your loved one isn’t up to cooking or isn’t able, they need someone to help prepare meals and get their recommended daily allowances. The CNAs and HHAs at Granny NANNIES specialize in meal preparation and cooking, and are trained to address and deal with dietary concerns, including diabetes, food allergies and chewing capabilities. Caregivers also make sure your loved one stays hydrated by offering fluids for thirst relief caused by any medications.

A side effect of age, and of many age-related ailments, is the inability to balance or stay stable when standing and walking. Caregivers are there to supervise and help patients stand on their own two feet, assisting them move from one place to another. If your loved one is living alone, this is an easy way to ensure accidents don’t occur or are tended to immediately. Another responsibility of the CNAs and HHAs at Granny NANNIES is to perform light housekeeping tasks, clearing any obstacles from their path.

From a distance, you may not be able to monitor the day-to-day changes in your loved one’s health. Their CNA or HHA will carefully monitor their physical and cognitive status to track and identify dangerous risk factors. They are trained to discern signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention and watch for any negative reactions with new medications. As medically trained professionals, the CNA and HHA assigned to assist with your loved one can address these signs and symptoms, ease the stress and keep their pain to a minimum.

When taking time off work and putting all things on hold to visit your loved one in the hospital aren’t possible, Granny NANNIES caregivers offer companionship so they aren’t spending day after day alone. They sharpen their social interaction skills, keep them in good spirits and are a comfortable presence to have with them throughout the ordeal. Their CNA or HHA is also available to handle the discharge process and drive your loved one home from the hospital.

Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but it doesn’t help take care of an aging or sick loved one. If you are too far away from an aging or sick loved one to provide them with the care or supervision they need, Granny NANNIES is located in 35 cities across 10 states. Founded on the same struggle you’re currently facing, Granny NANNIES has been providing specialized private duty home care services for the elderly since 1990. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you and your loved one will be treated with the highest level of respect and dignity. For quality, trustworthy, reliable and affordable senior care, call 800-316-2669.