Resistance To Care

Resistance To Care – Don’t Take It Personal
When caring for a parent or loved one, you have most likely encountered some resistance. It could be something simple like not wanting to take a shower, refusing to use the walker, or more troubling issues like refusing to eat.

Get to the bottom of the resistance – finding the cause is a good place to start to understand and empathize with the situation and overcome their resistance. If this is a new behavior, it could indicate serious developments in the elder’s health such as progressing dementia, depression, or urinary tract infection (UTI)

Common Causes of Resistance:
Pride – They can’t handle certain tasks any longer or need extra help
Guilt – About being a burden to family
Anger – At their situation
Fear – Of losing their independence
Denial – That they actually need help

Health Issues – Such as side effects of new medication, or delirium could point to UTI

Once a family member becomes a caregiver, the care recipient might see this commitment as a 24-hour job. However, family caregivers have other obligations and priorities like work, family, and their own health issues.

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