The Impact of Low Vision and Its Effect on Seniors

The Impact of Low Vision and Its Effect on Seniors

Low vision in the elderly is a common problem, as our eyes undergo different changes over time. While most of us will not suffer from complete blindness, millions currently suffer from some form of visual impairment, with numbers growing rapidly as we age.

Low vision makes it difficult to work and manage many of the activities of daily living. The impact of low vision can be devastating, professionally trained caregivers can assist people with low vision improve their quality of life resulting in increased safety, more freedom, and restored confidence.

Symptoms of low vision include:

  • Being unable to recognize familiar faces
  • Having difficulty performing tasks that require you to look at close-up details, such as reading or cooking
  • Having difficulty performing tasks at work or at home because the lights seem dim
  • Being unable to read street signs

American foundation for the blind Home Safety Tips for Low Vision: Live Independently and Avoid Falling

  • Keep rooms well lit. Good overall lightning is a must for safety
  • Use task lighting to make everyday activities easier
  • Use nightlights in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and the kitchen to make it easier for people with low vision to navigate in the dark.
  • Make stairways safer by adding color strips to first/last steps to identify change of level.
  • Make door frames and light switches easier to see by painting them a color that contrasts with the walls around them.
  • Place plates and food service items on placemats that are a contrasting color.
  • Use a pill organizer with raised markings or talking labels to help prevent serious medication mishaps.
  • Eliminate clutter – dispose of unnecessary items, put things away as soon as you have finished using them, and always return them to the same place.

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