Finding the Right professional caregiver for your elderly relative

If you’ve been caregiving for your elderly loved one and you’re looking to hire some professional at-home help for this senior, then you know how important it is to get this personality mix right. A professional caregiver will be entering your elderly relative’s home, and helping them bathe, prepare their meals, and assisting them with household chores, errands and maintenance. The caregiver and care receiver will be spending hours of time together each day in a highly personalized setting. To help you find an optimal caregiver match, the company you are choosing to work with, hopefully Granny Nannies, will have a thorough strategy. The caregiving agency should complete thorough background and drug tests. The agency should also make strides to learn about the care-receiver’s personal preferences, personality and physical condition.

The more an agency does on the front end, the more likely you’ll find a comfortable and professional pairing for your senior. If you are a planner, you will also have a plan b. Sometimes your dream caregiver will need to take time off, for their personal reasons or for sick and vacation days. Working with a resource like Granny Nannies means that you should have acceptable back-up caregivers to pinch hit. Once the caregiver is in place, the agency should conduct follow ups to see how the relationship is developing, making sure the client is happy with the caregiving services.